Vision Statement

To be the leader in providing world-class ICT service.

 Vision Statement 

To provide the highest quality and affordable services by delivering advanced technology, widest coverage, dedicated workforce to enrich the lives of our community.

Company Core Values  

As Telesom, we are committed to values that give us distinction from other companies. To do this, we must live in our brand values:

  1. TEAM WORK – To work as one team.
  2. INTEGRITY – To be honest and Truthful.
  3. SENSE OF PURPOSE – To be creative, flexible and open minded.
  4. STRENGTH OF CHARACTER – To have the greatest respect, care and loyalty towards our customers.
  5. COMMITMENT – To be committed to our work as well as the Satisfaction of our customers.
  6. PROFESSIONALISM – To have polite and skilled staff.



  1. To provide high quality and affordable telecommunication services to all citizens of Somaliland
  2. To interconnect all major cities and towns of Somaliland.
  3. To provide high speed Internet connection using a dependable local server.
  4. Build enduring relationship based on trust with our customers and partners
  5. Be the employer of choice that inspires performance of excellence.