AQOON-MAAL value-added service (VAS) is popular, non-core and SMS-based services, or in other words, services which are beyond the voice services of the mobile phone. AQOON-MAAL services are intended for Telesom mobile subscribers to have easy access to a large variety of services encompassing valuable information sources ranging from entertainment to knowledge (religious and non-religious).  

The services within AQOON-MAAL can be categorized into: news bulletin, education, internet service, info services, utility services, Islaamiyaat Services and entertainment services.


  1. News Bulletin Services: There are international and local channels covering breaking news constantly updated such as Al-Jazeera, BBC, VOA and other local news channels.
  2. Education Services: In the education category of AQOON-MAAL, subscribers derive a good deal of knowledge including Somali/English or English/Somali dictionary, Wikipedia, Cajiib (Odd/Weird News locally and internationally), BARO (Country Facts).
  3. SMS to Email: Customers are privileged to send SMS to email accounts (Gmail, Yahoo and hotmail). In addition, they can be sent messages from email accounts directly to their cell phones.
  4. INFO Services: Customers can have easy access to rate exchange, commodities and livestock prices, prayer times, SMS directory and a channel through which customers send complaints and suggestions as well as receive responses.
  5. Entertainment Services: For entertainment and fun, AQOON-MAAL Services also contain entertainment programs for customers.  DOOD (Discussion Forums) and SALAAMAHA (Compliment on special occasions, particularly on Eid days). During the discussion forum, customers can send and receive message privately to one another.
  6. Utility Services: The utility services have two main features: 1. Voting SERVICE:  This is for customers to vote on certain events, to name but a few, football results, prediction on election results and so on and so forth. 2. Local TV SERVICE: This service enables customer to send their greetings to their family and friends through Local TVs.
  7. Islaamiyaat Services: contains religious information: These services provide a lot of religious information such as (Hadith of the Day) which provides daily one Hadith with its explanation.