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Telesom unveils new services to customers


Abdisalam Ismail Nuur in charge of business directory of the company at provincial level unveiled the new services and cited that they will be of great importance to the community.

He said that the first service to introduce to clients is the (Sim-Backup) which allows customers if lose cell phone they can get their numbers from the new system.

He added that the second service introduced allows clients to send voice mail that will help the blind and illiterate people to take advantage of the services.

The third service that the company unveiled is the IVR which allow merchants and educational centers and the service will work just like reception and it is easier to know any member of that organization.

The last service introduced by Telesom Company is the missed call which allows customers to send message to another in order to ring back once their phones are switched off.

Abdurrahman Adam also spoke on behalf of the company said that the phone numbers will be extended with the addition of two digit number (63) placed in front of the existing phone numbers.

He reiterated that the change will not have an impact upon the landline.

On the other hand, the company inaugurated two new offices in Lafoolayda and Hodan villages in Buroa.

The head of Telesom Company to Togdheer province Mohamed Haji Ibrahim, regional marketing officer Mahdi and other officials from the business sector stressed the benefit of the services for the community.